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How can we Help?

Many organizations buy technology only to discover that it's not needed. You can avoid unnecessary expenses and technology pitfalls when you work with T1explorer. We provide Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tiers 3 support for any solution that we recommend and can provide onsite and remote support that you need. We can also support your existing technologies with better results. 

  • Remote or Onsite Support 

  • Network Systems Engineering and Operational Management

  • Cloud Computing - Hybrid-Private & Public 

  • Solution Architecture Design 

  • Voice and Data Communications

  • Cisco DNAC and Software Defined Access (SDA) Solution

  • Network, Application Security and Cyber Defense Solutions

  • Virtualization Solutions

  • Security Audit and Compliance 

  • Database Design, Instillation, Configuration, and Administration

  • Data Center Modernization and Migration Services

  • Service Workflow Automation

  • New IDF/MDF and Data Center Build-Out

  • Cat5/6 and Fiber Cabling

  • Data and Voice Circuits Installation 

  • SD-WAN Implementation

  • PBX to VOIP Systems Integration and Migration

  • Project and Program Management

Service Benefits:

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